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Module For All

Module For All

Our mission is to create high quality, well-designed, sustainable, transportable homes, capable of withstanding nature on different terrains in different biospheres, at a revolutionary price. 

Module For All is created to be used by everyone.

Module for All, in partnership with the Baltic Architectural Centre, has worked closely with some of the world’s leading architects and designers to engineer the Universal Design (UD) House, centred on the idea of “universal design”, a solution that is not only beautiful but functional.  It is created to be used by everyone.  The physical space is wide enough for wheelchairs to pass through, and all of the furniture and fittings are designed with effortless accessibility in mind.

After travelling to the US and staying at a completely accessible, barrier-free dwelling at the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind, our founder was inspired to expand and improve on this idea and introduce it to the world.

Project Universal Design House

Riga's first universally-designed floating hotel accessible to all

Bathroom 11
Window 2

Module for All, in partnership with the Baltic Architectural Centre, is collaborating to create the first demo module and a unique tourism experience, a floating temporary hotel in the Daugava River, centrally located in Latvia’s capital city, Riga.

The concept is to merge a floating demo house into a functional live experience, inviting members of our user base from all across Europe and North America. The building will be available as private accommodations three days a week and will be open as a showroom / interactive community space the remaining portion of the week.

We aim to validate our prototype by creating a space to host users giving them an opportunity to provide live feedback about the accessibility of the model and its features. This project is positioned to receive large scale media coverage and extensive PR.

Module For All Team

This concept has been engineered by a team put together by a member of one of our client groups, the CEO is visually-impaired, and is majoring in Business Management. The PR/Marketing Director has a background working closely with architects in the Baltics and Eastern European region for over 30 years, in addition to working on various social projects.

Module For All

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I live in a Universal Design (UD) house during the winter?

Yes, of course. These houses are insulated to withstand even the coldest winters from North America to Scandinavia. Additionally, our UD Homes have been assigned an A+ rating in energy efficiency, making the overall utility costs to heat and cool the house nominal.

Do Universal Design (UD) houses need a building permit?

In Latvia and the Baltic states permits are needed. However, if the square meterage of the house is smaller than 60 m2, it is relatively easy to obtain a permit by submitting an application online. If the home measures greater than 60 m2, a different permit process will apply. Permits will have to be confirmed depending on the final destination in which the house will be installed.

What kind of preparation or work do I have to do prior to receiving a Universal Design (UD) house?

To receive a UD house, you will need to create a foundation using either concrete or posts. It will require that you have plumbing, electricity and sewage installed before the house arrives.

How long does the Universal Design (UD) house installation take?

Your UD house can be typically installed within a day.

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